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Improve your virtual meeting effectiveness​ - How you increase your digital impact.

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what is this about

Become more successful with our executive coaching  

Why this topic?​
  • From posture to gestures to lighting, effective video conference requires its own set of communications skills​
  • In addition, the effects of non-verbal communication are magnified 3 – 4x by the camera, greatly impacting delivery of your message​
  • Our communications expert works with you 1-on-1 for an individualized approach to maximize your virtual influence​
Program benefits​
  • Actively control the signals from your non-verbal communication ​
  • Leverage your camera and microphone to convey your message​
  • Engage emotionally with your audience, large or small​
  • Create and maintain the energy level you want during meetings​

Program structure​
  • 2-3 minutes video of you speaking submitted as prework​
  • 60 minutes virtual coaching session with our expert​
  • Individualized action plan for your specific situation​
  • 15 minutes virtual follow-up session for progress review

Target audience
​Managers, executives, negotiators, salespeople and those who ​wants to strengthen virtual communication skills to drive impact

​​Program topics
  • ​Diagnosis of your communication style from video sample ​
  • Key factors that affect virtual presence​
  • Optimization of existing workspace​
  • How to set up for success before conference starts
  • ​How to establish a human connection virtually​
  • How to use posture and gestures to emphasis your message​
  • Techniques for your specific needs, whether it is a sales meeting, ​team brainstorming, investor call or company-wide speech
  • ​Action plan tailored for your upcoming meeting ​

Christoph Hilger

Coach and professor for media-specific speaking
Prof. Christoph Hilger is a professor for media-specific speaking, speaker, actor and coach. He has over 25 years experience with camera coaching for television with more than 4000 persons.

He trains and coaches specialists and executives in voice, rhetoric and body language. 

At BETTER SOLUTIONS he is the specialist for non-verbal communication, effective presentations, voice training and body language.

What our customers say about Christoph's courses

I am looking forward to the implementation in every day life. It is genius how my voice affects others only through the use of different techniques!
CCP Expression and Negotiating
One of the best webinars I have ever joined. 

Online seminar "Virtual Communication"
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